Calculating Operating Costs & ROI

Determining the ROI on capital equipment is a straight-forward calculation of the total revenue divided by the total costs over the expected lifetime of the equipment.

ROI = Total Revenue X 100%
Total Cost

  • Total Revenue – is the anticipated sum of gross invoicing off the equipment over a specified period of time (typically two to five years on digital equipment)
  • Total Cost – is the anticipated sum of all overhead, depreciation, operating and consumable cost to produce the sellable output off the equipment over the same period of time.

The key to calculating an accurate ROI is to have a full understanding of the operating costs. This means you must have an in-depth understanding of the following items:

  • The real throughout/output capability of the equipment
  • The actual operating cost of the equipment
  • The applied cost of ink and consumables
  • Residual value of the equipment

Demonstration Proof Point: Only a comprehensive demonstration of a UV digital printer can give you the information you need to calculate an accurate ROI for your specific operation.

  • We strongly discourage the use of ROI calculators found on most digital equipment websites. Learn why.
  • Validated facts can only be obtained through a demonstration of the product based on matching your performance needs.

For a PDF of the entire report, click Flatbed Facts PDF.


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